Spring is here and these are exciting times at Performance HCM! There are some new faces in the office that will help us continue to provide the service that we strive for. It is also awards season!

You may be thinking of the Oscars where the stars don their best outfits or the GRAMMYs, where music’s finest get together. You’re not wrong but you’re not right either.

iSolved Awards

What you should be thinking of, and what we are all thinking of, is the iSolved President’s Sales Club! Each year iSolved, our Human Capital Management software company, invites its partners to unite and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

This past February, our fearless leaders, David Hudson, Penn Gaines, and Kevin Allen grabbed their flip-flops and notebooks and headed to the annual iSolved President’s Sales Club. This is a time of celebration, connection, learning, and awards!

They were proud to return with not only a tan but also carrying the pride of winning the iSolved Partner of the Year award!

Partner of the Year

“We had a phenomenal year as a company, it was full of incredible attitudes that never quit,” stated David Hudson, CEO, and motivator extraordinaire of Performance HCM. “To be named the iSolved Partner of the Year is an incredible honor! We couldn’t feel prouder. We love giving our clients the best service there is! This award validated what we are doing, and is encouraging us to continue doing our best in 2018.”

We are proud not just because of the wonderful software that is transforming how you do business, but because this reaffirms our commitment to both iSolved and our customers but also reinvigorates a faith in our values and our drive.

“Performance HCM had a great year,” said Dave Dawson, CEO of iSolved. “They are a true Partner to the iSolved Network, delivering the white-glove service their customers love while providing iSolved, the robust HCM platform, to their clients. We are proud to call Performance HCM our partner and enjoyed honoring them with the Partner of the Year award at our President’s Sales Club event this year.”

Our Promise

On every desk, we make a promise to ourselves and our customers.

To ourselves, we promise to bring a good attitude to every single meeting, phone call, or even a walk between desks. To come in whistling a tune even on the busiest or most stressful of days.

To our clients, we continue to promise to provide unmatched quality, accuracy, availability, and service in the payroll and human capital management industry, with our teammates performing at their highest level for our customers, and each other, every day.

Winning this award proves that iSolved helps make our mission easy. By providing an integrated HCM solution with a great team behind it, iSolved helps us spread the word and maintain our core values.

iSolved lets us shine and we hope to continue to do the same for them.

Interested in why we love iSolved so much? Click here!

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