CARES and PPP Legislation

Keeping Up with CARES and PPP? Performance HCM is Here to Help!

Are you caught up on the latest Congressional small business funding and how it can help you pay your employees? Do you know the right reports to run in order to access these critical loans to help retain your workforce during these uncertain times? At Performance HCM, we try to keep up with every piece...
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Working Remotely.

Ready to Work Remotely?

Remote workplaces are on the rise, we’re here to provide some ways to help engage, communicate and train your employees both today and in the future.
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Guidelines for Inclement Weather

‘Tis the season for storms and inclement weather! Your physical location may greatly affect the type of weather you receive, however, the threat of inclement weather of any kind is always there. When there is a storm it can be difficult to know the responsibilities of an employer. We would like to break it down...
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Cheering on Our Clients

Whether it is supporting the local baseball teams, putting clients’ service on our big prize wheel, or just ensuring that they receive all of the help that they need to run their business efficiently, we’re there for our clients.
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How ACA is Changing

ACA compliance has been a key factor for employers the past few years. Keeping up with the updates as they come is the best way to stay prepared for your next plan year. Check out the latest ACA update here!
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How to get the best HCM fit for you.

Made to Measure Today’s world is chock full of ready to purchase, buy one get one free, packages deals. Bundle deals are great but rarely do they last a lifetime. Time after time you find yourself paying for something that you don’t really need or want. It just came with the deal. What’s far more...
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How to Make Payroll Fun Again

You’re at a cocktail party and you are making some great networking connections. Invariably you’re asked about what you do. You enthusiastically say something along the lines of human capital management or payroll and are met with a semi-interested response. Here at Performance HCM we get payroll, but we are also in the business of...
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4 Spring Cleaning Items for Payroll

As winter begins to melt away with all the business of-of year-end, we find ourselves at the perfect time to do some spring cleaning! Dust down your office and reorganize your desk, but don’t forget to declutter your payroll system as well! Make sure everything is in order to ensure you have a smooth and...
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Award Winning Service

This past February, our fearless leaders, David Hudson, Penn Gaines, and Kevin Allen grabbed their flip-flops and notebooks and headed to the annual iSolved President’s Sales Club. This is a time of celebration, connection, learning, and awards!
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