It’s no secret that technology is transforming the way we do business. How we manage the life-cycle of employees is changing too. And it’s all headed in the direction of Cloud-Based technologies. If you want to keep up, there is a cloud-based solution for you.

The Wind of Change

Change never made your job so easy. And moving to the cloud one change that will make every modification after it effortless! Cloud-based software is the direction we are heading, and it takes the change in its stride for you. Say goodbye to cumbersome updates, iSolved updates automatically. With technology this innovative, it can be extremely customized to fit your company’s growing and changing needs. Your secure, custom-built, work environment is only a click away- anywhere and on almost any device.

Affability for the Win

The way we work is changing because the world we live in is more connected to technology than ever. In a survey conducted by Business Insider Intelligence concluded that two-thirds of the world’s population is now connected via mobile devices(2017). It’s time to give employees the flexibility to use the technology they already have for work. Clocking in on a mobile device is easier than ever for the employee, and it’s more convenient for the employer. With cloud-based technology to back you up, your employees have seamless access to pay information, W2’s, secure documents, employee handbooks, performance-review information, PTO, and more!

Working remotely is on the rise, according to a survey by Gallup a whopping 43% percent of Americans are spending at least some of their time working from home. With iSolved you have the flexibility to track work from afar. Employees can clock in from home, they can even clock into certain projects so you can manage the time as if they were in the office. Employees love the flexibility, employers love the results!

The Complete Package

Cloud-based software is changing the way you do all your work.


Everything you need to find your next talent is in one place, one dashboard. Easily see all your options, and get real-time reviews and ratings of applications from your hiring manager or department heads. Find out everything you need to know about iHire here.


You’ve vetted and reviewed the talent, and now it’s time to hire them without printing a piece of paper. Watch how their information seamlessly flows into your system as they join the team at the click of a button!


Everything you need to manage the employees efficiently and organized is in one spot. Keep all their information in one spot. See their pay history, track if they are eligible for company benefits, see their training history. PTO and Time Management are there too. No filing cabinets necessary, the cloud has it all securely stored.

Open Enrollment

It doesn’t need to be a nightmare anymore. Give us the plan, we build it, the employees enroll themselves.

We Love iSolved

Here at Performance, we are big fans of iSolved! We believe that it will make your business more efficient. Manage your employee from hire to retire, seamlessly, efficiently, and from the cloud! Want to know more? Take our product tour and find how we can take you to the cloud.

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