How to Get Ready for Your New HCM Platform

The time has come. You have chosen your new and improved HCM platform and can begin the implementation process. This is great news for both you and your employees. We have some great expert tips so you can take a deep breath and let those shoulders loosen up! Ready?

Let’s Get It Started

The easy part of choosing your software is over. Now we need to implement the solution you have been waiting for. All of those bells and whistles are just on the other side. Luckily, we are ready to meet your needs and wrote this to help you prepare.

The first step is to sit down with your implementation rep and go through everything you want it is as customizable as you need. Here is where having a dedicated point of contact is highly conducive to streamlining the process. By reducing the hands in the pot, you ensure that everyone knows where things stand and lessen the chance of crossing wires. Clear lines of communication are key and can make this process much easier.

When talking with your implementation rep, the more information we have the better and smoother the transition is. We’ll have a call where we go step by step through each and every need and also set expectations.

The moment you sign on the dotted line is the perfect time to collect employee data. While doing this be sure to ask your implementation rep how they want your info. What if I am in another system? No problem! We can work with you to ease imports that transfer data and speeds the process up.

Check off the Checks

Your first priority is getting money in your employees’ bank accounts. Luckily if you’ve communicated with your provider and given the information they need, this is the easiest part. You have already given your rep information like Year-to-Dates and employee data. The tough part is over. Now we will do the dirty work. Sit back, review the final reports and we’ll hit that process button for you.

Get Your Suite Fix

Now that your employees are paid, you can get the rest of your HCM platform built. This is a la carte and once you’ve picked what you want off of our menu, we can tackle those steps in stages. Let’s get that HR package in place and finalize those workflows. Drop burdensome hiring processes and replace it with iHire. Iron out those onboarding processes by making them paperless. We built this to meet your current and future needs.

At the end of the day we do this so that you can better manage and pay your employees. Change can be hard but by embracing it you are streamlining your workflows and helping your bottom line as well. Help your employees understand how the new software will also make their work lives simpler and more efficient.

With a final suite in hand you have exactly what you need to manage your employees. If you had complex benefits or other unique needs, we had focused rep build out that aspect. We hope that you will be able to walk away confident in your new product. If not, we are always here to help and improve.

We built this just for you and it is ready. Log in and start taking advantage of your new software.

Now you can relax those shoulders and sit back!

Contact a representative now for more information!

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