Made to Measure

Today’s world is chock full of ready to purchase, buy one get one free, packages deals. Bundle deals are great but rarely do they last a lifetime. Time after time you find yourself paying for something that you don’t really need or want. It just came with the deal.

What’s far more rewarding is when you walk away from a purchase knowing that it is exactly what you need or that it was even made just for you.

When you have a suit or dress that is tailor made to your form, you won’t have to worry about that slight tug in the shoulders or the extra fabric at the waist. The tailor took time to get your measurements just right, picked out the right fabric, and dedicated time to YOUR product. Finally, he presented you with your product and ensured that any adjustments were made.

You didn’t get three poor fitting suits for the price of one. You got one that fit perfectly and will last you a lifetime.

HCM Built to Last

At Performance HCM, we take a similar approach to our clients that a bespoke tailor might take when making a fine suit.

You’re not just a client number with “x” number of employees. We take all of your measurements and make sure you only have the products that you need or want. From there many hands go into ensuring that your transition to iSolved, your new comprehensive and integrated HCM solution, is met with the specialty and dedication that you deserve.

Once you have signed the dotted line, our implementation team will take you on and assign you a dedicated rep. This ensures that you always know who to call. No more 1-800 numbers and wasted time waiting on a call center. Your Implementation Specialist will take your measurements and then guide you through the next step. Complicated time setup? We have specialists that will embrace each little quirk or “mountain”. They will ensure that each stitch is in place so that as you grow or change, your “suit” will change with you.

That doesn’t go for just time. We have a team that specializes in GL and Benefits as well.

This team isn’t just for new clients either. If you’ve faced a radical change in your policies or plans, Performance HCM and iSolved can adapt and grow with you.

The Final Fitting.

Once your company has grown into the iSolved system, it is time to graduate to the next level. Now you will have your own, dedicated Customer Service Representative. They’ll know you by name and know the ins and outs of your payroll and HR needs. This isn’t just what we do, this is what we’re passionate about and that’s why we seek to ensure that you have the long-term tools to manage your workforce most efficiently.

If you’d like to graduate to a long term HCM solution that is made just for you, click here!


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