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Whether you are a small business with ten employees or a large one with multiple locations, every business needs the right HR toolbox. Between new hire onboarding, workplace certifications, and performance reviews, these can be daunting tasks that buries staff in piles of documents.

With this in mind, we are happy to partner with iSolved, whose cloud based human capital management software has provided clients easy access to employee details, from hire to retire.

Eliminate stacks of forms for new hires to fill out upon arrival. Eliminate the trouble of keeping track of multiple logins. Eliminate hassle.

By implementing a cloud based HR solution, you reduce paperwork and headaches. This allows you to focus on the real purpose of your job: the employees.

Streamlined Onboarding:

You have your new hire. After months of recruiting, reading application after application and finally finding the right fit in the interview, they said yes and signed on the dotted line. Great news! Now comes the “but”. Now they have to fill out form after form and you need to read and file them.

This is one reason why starting a new job can be intimidating and companies are likely to experience their highest rate of turnover in the first six months. By eliminating burdensome filing and simplifying the orientation process, an employee hits the ground running and is more likely to stay.

With an online onboarding process, the employees fill out all of their necessary information in a simplified Onboarding Wizard that is customizable to each and every company. What once took days to complete, with piles of confusing paperwork, now takes minutes and is securely stored online. Need to update an employee’s address? Easy. Need to fill out an I-9 form? Simple.

Say Goodbye to Administrative Errors:

Does your HR team find itself inundated with clerical changes such as address updates or pay stub requests? Simplify it. With iSolved’s employee dashboard, an employee can update their personal info with just a few clicks and have real time access to pay stubs, even printing them themselves.

iSolved saves your HR team time and helps eliminate human error by streamlining employee data changes.

Certification Tracking:

Do you need your employees to keep up with training certifications? It’s easy to set up automatic emails to remind employees about an expiring certificate. How about a streamlined place to schedule and implement performance reviews? All of these are maintained in the same login for all of your other HR requirements and are easy to access and update.

By keeping up with these tools, an employee has a better understanding of where they stand with the company.

Let us help you reduce stress and paperwork by implementing a comprehensive HR solution like iSolved. Handle your employees seamlessly from hire to retire. All the while you are using a paperless cloud software that works like a breeze. No more keeping track of which login works where, printing reams of paper or running complex imports. With an integrated HR suite, you can have confidence in knowing that you are more efficient and can better manage your employees.


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