How a Customer Service Representative Makes All the Difference

Not just recognized, known.

Do you ever wish that your payroll, time system, HR, or benefit providers were a bit more personal? When you send an email or call with a question or concern, wouldn’t at least be nice to be recognized without a company number?

Customer Service You Can Love

At Performance HCM we think you should be more than just recognized, we believe you should be known! That why every client here has a main point of contact, a personal and dedicated Customer Service Representative assigned specifically to your account. You can get used to that same friendly voice that responds to the phone call or email every time.

Knowing my clients is my favorite part of my job!” Says Justina Rinzel, a Customer Service Representative extraordinaire at Performance. “Each one is different, and building a relationship with them helps me serve them better.” Knowing you isn’t just a part of the job, it’s what we do best!

Knowing You and Your Company

We love knowing you! But we also get to know each intricacy, need, and oddity of your company. We want you to have the best service possible, so we make knowing your company a priority! Every company is different, and with each distinction, the needs vary. Each representative you come in contact with at Performance HCM strives to know how your company works and learns how to serve the needs you have best! Your company isn’t just a number or code in the system, it’s an entity we desire to see functioning at its best!

A big part of that is meeting in person. We’re local and we love meeting our clients in person, there is nothing like a face to face connection. Whether it’s coming into our office and spinning our prize wheel or hosting us at your work site, that interaction is what drives us. We love to learn more about each facet that makes your company unique and the jobs that you provide the community.

“I was able to go to a company and actually see their manufacturing floor!” Justina comments. “I met several of the employees well.” The personal touch and connection is our favorite part of business.

Growing Great Together

Is your company growing? Is your company changing to meet today’s needs?

No problem.

We change and grow with you. Part of our dedication to you is that we are constantly seeking to serve you better. That’s why we’ve recently added to our services, to better serve your growing needs. Want to know how we can meet the new essentials of your business? Take our product tour!

Let’s Meet!

If we haven’t met you yet, we would love to get to know you! Contact us here.

You don’t have to wait another moment to get no know us either, learn more about our culture and get to know our leadership!

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