How to Make Payroll Fun Again

You’re at a cocktail party and you are making some great networking connections. Inevitably you’re asked about what you do. With enthusiasm you say something along the lines of “human capital management” or “payroll” and are met with a semi-interested response.

Here at Performance HCM we get payroll, but we are also in the business of making payroll fun!

Human capital management is typically not the industry that children grow up dreaming to work in. The order in a kid’s mind does not go fireman, President, astronaut, and then payroll specialist. (By the way if you do know of a kid that wants to work with some SUI rates or “Chinese Overtime”, give us a call).

We would like to change that stigma though.

Culture of Celebration

Days can be long and you may not look up from a dense Excel spreadsheet or reams of year to dates for a couple/several hours, but there is always David Hudson (our CEO) whistling Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Backroad” right around the corner. At Performance HCM, we keep things lively in a myriad of ways.

We have the Wheel of Prizes that employees can spin on life events like anniversaries, birthdays, welcoming of a new grandchild, or just whenever our COO and CEO get the itch!

Your work anniversary could be celebrated by a Paid Sleep in Until Noon if you spin number 3! Or with number 16 you can take your date to dinner and a movie – on the company!

The same excellent and creative leaders also bought a gong that our neighboring offices probably hear whenever someone bangs it to signify a big “win”. Also, we would like to apologize in advance for interrupting a call with the resounding sound of the said gong, just know that we celebrate every victory here!

It does not end with spinning the wheel or “Gathering at the Gong,” we have company outings to baseball games and company-wide lunches. We stimulate the early morning brain with Daily Trivia and fun words of the day.

A Cultivated Workday

We get it. No matter the industry, work can be stressful, slow, too busy or all of the above in one day.

That’s the exact reason that we do what we do though.

Those unique facets that each client brings to their payroll, time or HR setups excite us. We not only learn what makes them tick in term of managing their employees and paying them but also what makes their workplace special and how we can help them grow.

Even if you’ve been hunkered down in your desk for a couple of hours or days, we believe it is important to take ten minutes, nay five… alright even a couple of seconds to have fun with your team and shake the stress out of your head.

After all, we all work better when just a little refreshed and excited.

Next time you’re asked about your job in payroll, take a few moments to highlight the people, things, and company connections that make it great!

On that note: Bring it on!

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