How We Help Maintain Cyber Safety

There is nothing quite as sweet as the assurance of safety. Human Capital Management encompasses some of your company’s most sensitive information. Social security numbers, salaries, and the company’s detailed history of finances! How do we help you keep this information safe?


Our Human Capital Management has moved to the cloud. Though the cloud may be a newer technology, it has taken the world by storm. There’s more space in the clouds. There is more security in the cloud. It may feel easier to trust your most sensitive information to something you can more tangibly see, but the switch to the cloud offers considerable security advantages like that of secure data facilities.

On-site solutions just aren’t keeping up with the security of cloud-based technology. Jason Reichle, CEO of Go Nimbly comments on this when he says, “If you have an on-premise solution for five years, within those five years, it may get audited once, which leaves room for gaps in security to arise.”

Cloud-Based solutions, like the Performance HCM iSolved solution, are much more likely to update their security more frequently. And when they update, no reboot is necessary – it’s instantaneous!

Password Protection

We are a world that is operating on passwords. Our HCM software is no exception, but it takes your security to the next level. To keep your information safe, it requires that your passwords change on regular basis. This helps prevent your information from being compromised. If you have trouble remembering your password, don’t worry! There is a forgot password option that allows you to access the system you need by answering a few questions. The whole process can be done in less than a minute! Keeping you safe shouldn’t slow you down.

When you sign in on a device that has an unrecognized IP address, special verification is necessary to access. This two-tier authentication is ensuring that only the right person is accessing your data in the right place. No need to worry about hackers.

Saved Documents

Are you still storing performance reviews, W4’s, resumes, or I9 forms in filing cabinets in the backroom of the office? This allows the sensitive documents to be compromised by external threats, like fires, floods, or theft.

Our HCM solution allows you to save documents on the cloud. Paystubs, I9’s or W4’s can be uploaded and filled out by new hires online, and then saved as a part of their permanent profile. Create a history of performance reviews without printing a single piece of paper. Securely store this information on the cloud, safe from external threats!

Want to have instant access to Quarterly or yearly Reports, we have that securely stored for you too! Grant access to one or more administrators in your company to these reports. Have them fastened automatically to the cloud, and only a password away! That’s years of data securely stored in one spot.

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