Say goodbye to business on paper and hello to efficiency and innovation. Read on to see some of the tips that Forbes is calling “cutting edge.”

Why Paperless?

Streamline Workflow

Saving documents, scheduling appointments, or sending invoices just got a whole lot sleeker with iSolved. Everyday business practices are moving to the cloud, and it’s helping business run smoothly.

Take a new hire, for example, there is a natural workflow to where all the paper goes. The paperwork may get passed around to several people or even several departments, it may even pick up a few coffee stains on its way! There is so much back and forth that doesn’t flow naturally, or easily. But in a paperless world, workflow flows! It’s natural, streamlined, and instant. The new hire in a paperless office has digital documents that are can be reviewed by different people, even different departments, at the same time! Programs, or cloud-based software like iSolved, are constantly saving changes or reviews. Get real-time feedback, or get notified when it is your turn to review. Paperless solutions make everyday workflow seamlessly to finalization.

Increase Efficiency

Sick of searching filing cabinets filled with alphabetized documents? Good; me too. Efficiency is lost when we spend time sifting through a stack of documents. When the workspace is more cluttered. Everything is harder to find. Stacks of paper or filing cabinets of data are robbing your business of their space and efficiency. Quickly accessible digital documents and data ultimately benefit the client and their peace of mind.

Lower Costs

Cutting paper is a great way to cut costs. Digitizing how you do business means less paper pushing, less physical sending, and less printing. These fees add up, and a great way to do away with them all together is by reducing paper usage.

Disaster Prevention

We definitely don’t anticipate the worst, but we prepare for it. A great way to be equipped for the unexpected is by having all your company and client data stored electronically. Don’t let fire, flooding, or theft immobilize your business. Give yourself, and your client, the sweet reassurance of no documents or data being lost or damaged. Continuous access to information despite surrounding circumstances is a huge advantage!


Paperless looks great on paper! Clients love to know that you are doing the best to be environment-friendly while serving their needs. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your paperless solutions to potential buyers and see the dazzle in their eyes.


Paperless Tips

The need to make the switch to paperless is evident. Read on for some of Performance’s favorite tips!

Integrated Software

The solutions are out there, now use them! There are paperless ways to do things like accounting, ie. Quickbooks, that can integrate with other software systems. iSolved is an incredible example of integrating different paperless solutions through imports and putting the data in one spot. Choose these types of platforms for your business to flow one paperless solution into another.

Opt for Paperless

This is a simple, but powerful way to take a step in the right direction. Start requesting digitized invoices, statements or reports that you typically get on paper. Give these options to your clients as well.


The move towards a completely paperless office doesn’t happen overnight, so in the meantime recycle the paper you’re done with. According to Forbes* nearly one billion trees worth of paper are thrown away in the US every year. Be proactive about recycling paper in your office, the little decisions add up.

Be Performance Paperless

We are happy to offer your business with paperless solutions from hire to retire! We have iSolved Hire which will streamline onboarding and the whole hiring process, and not a single leaf of paper needs to be turned.
In iSolved you have instant access to all the reports you need concerning payroll, HR, time, or benefits administration – plus you can electronically store the ones you need most!
Your employees will have constant access to their pay stubs and even W2’s without a single sheet of paper being used!

We love paperless!

And we love how being paperless can help your business be more efficient and lower costs.

Ask one of our representatives about paperless solutions that we offer for your payroll, time and attendance, HR and benefits administration.

To see what Forbes says about paperless solutions check out this article, or continue reading about why paperless is best for your company here.

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