Time & Attendance

Take The Hassle Out of Collecting, Tracking, and Reporting Time

Time tracking should help you improve business operations and motivate employees. Unfortunately it can often have the opposite effect, causing confusion and loss of valuable time. Integration issues, and a lack of flexibility, make it difficult to connect time tracking with associated systems, such as benefits administration. Multiple data locations, and the need to import or export, can result in duplicate entries and inaccurate reports. Additionally, these systems are often prone to time theft and “buddy punching.”

Performance HCM can help you resolve all those problems.

The iSolved platform provides a built-in and robust time and attendance solution, meeting all of your time tracking needs in one place. Since all other aspects of employee management can be controlled through iSolved, you don’t need to worry about ineffective integrations. And since all the data is stored within iSolved, there’s no need to import or export data, allowing you to avoid the risk of duplicate data entry.

Avoid Errors, Reduce Fraud, and Take Control

With the iSolved Time & Attendance Platform, you get:

Graphical calendar time cards

Easy allocation of hours

Quick payroll closing at the click of a button

A completely digital system, which allows you to get rid of unnecessary and burdensome paperwork.

Makes it a breeze to remain compliant with state and federal laws

Simplified data storage

Time & Attendance Admin Panel Screenshots

Watch iSolved Time & Attendance in Action

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