Ready to Work Remotely?

Working Remotely.

Remote workplaces are on the rise and today’s corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic has sparked many employers to begin working remotely entirely. Sending employees home and working via Remote Desktop or forwarding phones allows them to focus on work rather than safety.

While we hope that the outbreak is soon to be tempered, we’re also here to provide some ways to help engage, communicate and train your employees both today and in the future.

Employee Engagement

Do you have a way to replace employees conversing around the office? Some companies are filling this void by encouraging hosting digital happy hours where employees can socialize through video conferencing sites likes Skype or Zoom. As of publication, many of these companies are also offering their services for free during this time and are a great way of communicating.

You can also utilize iSolved Mojo! iSolved’s employee engagement interface that includes a social platform, interactive feedback, as well as 360 Performance Reviews. Employees can create groups pertaining to their interests and bolster their community all within a cloud-based platform. They can also track goals and gain feedback on current and past projects. Mojo is an engaging socialization tool that is all within the iSolved suite.

Employee Growth

What about someone that you just hired or if you require continuing education to maintain a certification? These too can be taken to the cloud with iSolved Learn. Learn allows employers and employees to engage in a customizable learning platform. Users can upload personalized courses and tests or quizzes tailored to their needs. Then they can achieve that certification and it syncs seamlessly through to iSolved!

Your company doesn’t have to slow down by going remote. By picking up Mojo or Learn, you can actively engage with employees and train them. Through the Mass Email Utility or Company Notifications, you can make important announcements without leaving your payroll platform. All of these tools and more are designed to make your life easier whether your company is remote or if you are all within the same office. By actively engaging your employees, it has been shown that they are more likely to stay longer and be happier.
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