It’s no secret that finding the right person to join your team can be a trying process. Filling an open position in your company shouldn’t be characterized by the hassle, let us remove the hassle out of hiring with iSolved Hire.

iSolved Hire

With iSolved Hire requisitioning, job site postings, applicant tracking, and multiple approvals for one or more open positions will no longer bog you down.

iSolved Hire offers everything you need to hire top candidates in one integrating platform!

It makes it easy to post job openings, track applicants, rate candidates and move forward with the best contenders.

The Shortest Route to Success

iSolved Hire is designed to consolidate your hiring process and save you time from start through employment. Taking the easy way out has never been so beneficial! Save valuable time and energy with intuitive features that make the hiring process more human and streamlined than ever before.

Major Timesavers

Requisitioning a position has never been more convenient with a diverse library of templates to choose from.

Don’t waste your time managing multiple posts on different job boards. With iSolved Hire you can post to multiple job boards at the same time, this will help you cast a broader net in a fraction of the time. Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed – choose them all and still receive all the applicants in one dashboard!

Paperless and Methodized

The workflow of hiring has never been so natural. With all the candidates on one dashboard you can get HR and hiring managers’ feedback in the same place, in the same cloud, and at the same time!

Rate applicants and make notes – watch the higher scoring applicants move up to the top of your list.

Want to categorize the candidates? Categories and filters are available to you at the click of a button. No messy paperwork from department to department in this cloud –  Compare ratings from others in your department or from hiring managers in a moments notice.

Keep the applicants updated with automated, real-time responses. Refuse applicants, invite them for an interview, or get them started on the onboarding process! It’s in one place, it’s paperless, and it’s just a few clicks away!

Unique? No Problem!

Every company has things that are especially important to them. Don’t wait for the interview to get answers to the things that matter to you most.

With iSolved Hire you can set up preliminary questions to ask applicants hires before they even submit their application. You can set up what you are looking for in their answers and they will automatically be filtered by the time they hit your dashboard making it easy for you to find the right fit for your company in a fraction of the time.


Humanly Hiring

Todd La Fever, President and Chief Product Officer at iSolved, gives us an inside look at why iSolved Hire was created. He states that it is to help “employers attract and retain top talent for their teams.”

“iSolved Hire helps parse through the clutter and allows the most qualified candidates to surface. It keeps everything organized and moving forward and quickly transitions into the onboarding process once a candidate receives an offer.”

In other words, the best candidates will emerge in this more natural, more human, hiring process.

Let your top candidate shine with various ways to rate, review, and respond.

When you’ve found your tried and true candidate and you want to bring them on to the team, onboarding is already ready to go!  iSolved hire carries all their information seamlessly into the hiring process and keeps saving you time, and paperwork to make hiring more intuitive for you and smoother for the new hire.

Take the hassle out of hire, and iSolved Hire.

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